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New on SMARD: Always well informed with the RSS feed


Get updated automatically and free of charge when there is news on the platform.

Which advantages does the RSS feed offer?

You will receive notification as soon as a new SMARD news flash or article is posted on the "Electricity market topics" or "Electricity market explained" pages.  A link in the notification you receive will take you directly to the news ticker or article.
This service is free of charge and does not require you to provide any contact information.

You can subscribe to the SMARD RSS feed simply by setting up the following link in an RSS reader, browser add-on or email programme: https://www.smard.de/service/rss/en/feed.rss
Please contact the SMARD team at smard@bnetza.de if you have any questions about how to subscribe.

What content do the three pages of the RSS feed provide?

The SMARD ticker contains the latest news about what is happening on the electricity market, current analyses, information about new functions and about the platform's different areas.

"Electricity market topics" features monthly articles on electricity generation and electricity trading as well as other articles on selected topics concerning Germany's electricity market.  The monthly articles look at various key figures such as generation from renewables, electricity consumption, wholesale electricity prices in Germany and other countries, as well as imports and exports.

"Electricity market explained" clarifies the workings and concepts of the electricity market. This page also provides more details on the definitions of the data available on SMARD.

Don't miss out – set up your RSS feed now!

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