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New on SMARD: residual load data


You can now create and download market data visuals of residual load time series with up to a quarter-hour resolution dating back to as far as 2015.

The residual load is calculated automatically on SMARD and corresponds to the actual consumption or grid load minus the generation from photovoltaic installations and wind power stations. Throughout the course of a day there are fluctuations in the residual load, depending on the level of feed-in from renewables. If the residual load is zero or negative, then renewable output from wind and the sun was able to fully meet the demand for electricity.

A residual load forecast is also published on the basis of corresponding forecast data. Under Market data visuals any residual load time series can be combined with other data categories, for example wholesale prices. Important: Residual load on SMARD is a building block of the subcategory "Actual consumption" or "Forecasted consumption" and must be selected separately.

The actual and forecasted residual load data with up to a quarter-hour resolution go back as far as 2015 and can be downloaded for nearly all regions. For this function first select Data download and then "Main category: Electricity consumption". Then choose which type of residual load by selecting either "Data category: Actual consumption" or "Data category: Forecasted consumption".

Further information about individual data definitions is available (in German) in the user handbook.

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