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Did you know that SMARD is on Twitter?


We keep you up to date on Twitter when articles are published, when there are changes on SMARD and when the latest figures are released.

Twitter is a social media platform for sharing short messages of 280 characters maximum with others.

We regularly report on various SMARD-related topics via the Bundesnetzagentur's Twitter channel. We provide information about new functions and articles on our platform. We also keep an eye on electricity market data and show, for example, whether a predicted storm is reflected in the forecasted data for electricity generation. If there is an article about it on SMARD, we point you to it.

Follow this link to the Bundesnetzagentur's Twitter channel: @bnetza

Our SMARD RSS feed also provides the opportunity to receive automatic notification when a new article is posted on SMARD, without the need to register on social media. Further information about subscribing to the SMARD RSS feed is available here.

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