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Have you heard about the SMARD user account?


You can use a SMARD user account to save and retrieve articles as well as configured charts and tables.

You can access your user account by clicking on the login symbol at the top of the page.
With the account you can save various content on SMARD (articles, visuals, tables) as favorites so you can access them again later. In short, once you have logged in you can personalise your SMARD experience by opening an article, a market data visual or a table and clicking on "More". The drop-down menu that appears allows you to select the star symbol to add content to your favorites. A blue star is displayed after you add the item as a favorite.

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Log into your user account or create a new account

Log out of your user account

Add SMARD content to your favorites

Favorite SMARD content

Adding content to your favorites, especially market data visuals and data tables, has the advantage that it enables you to access configured charts at any time without having to re-select data categories and building blocks.

When saving market data diagrams and tables a window opens where you can enter a name for the file to be saved. In the window you can also determine whether to save the data set as it is when you save it ("Default data") or to save the live data set ("Live data").

You only need an email address and a password to register. After signing up for a user account an automatically generated email is sent to the address you provided. Click on the link in the email to complete your registration.

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