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Introducing the "Electricity market explained" section


Explanatory articles for a better understanding of the data categories available on SMARD and of the interrelationships of the electricity market.

Various topics related to the electricity market are highlighted on the SMARD platform. Articles are published in the Electricity market explained section to examine content in the data categories and components that are available on SMARD as well as the interrelationships that are necessary to understand the electricity market.

The articles are assigned to the categories Market, Generation, Grid or Consumption.
All topics related to wholesale electricity prices, electricity trading in general as well as imports and exports are in the Market category. The Generation category contains articles related to electricity generation in general, forecasts or the difference between energy and power. All information related to balancing services, the control areas and the transmission system operators falls under the Grid category. The Consumption category contains articles on topics that have to do with electricity consumption (particularly gross and net electricity consumption) and forecast data.

As is also done in the Electricity market topics section, you can also search this section by keyword. The keywords are listed underneath the above-named categories in the light blue line underneath the years, with the most frequently occurring keywords appearing first. You can select one or more keywords and remove a keyword from your selection by clicking on it again.

Automatic hyperlinking is done differently in the Electricity market explained section. Whenever an article reports on a certain topic or explains a concept that has already been covered in detail in a separate article, you can access that article through a hyperlink. Moving the mouse over the hyperlink opens a window with a brief description and a link. You can open the article by clicking on the link.

Click on the star to save articles in your user account from the articles overview or from within the article itself. Access the star by selecting the "More" button.

More detailed explanations related to things such as the various data categories and components are available in the User guide.

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