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Overhaul of Wehr pumped storage station complete


The renovation of Germany's fourth-largest pumped storage power station is complete.

Work on the lower reservoir of the Wehr pumped storage station has now been finished. Starting in mid-April 2021, the reservoir was gradually emptied to allow for an overhaul of the power station equipment. The concrete elements of all parts that come into contact with water and the asphalt concrete of the Wehra dam have been replaced.
It was the first renovation of the lower reservoir since the plant went into operation in 1975. The upper reservoir was restored and the machine sets in the cavern modernised between 2008 and 2012.

The Wehr station is an underground power station, meaning it is a hydropower plant that has its machine hall excavated from rock, forming a cavern. With 910 MW of installed capacity (four generators with 227.5 MW each), it is one of the most powerful pumped storage power stations in Germany. The lower reservoir can hold 4.3 million cubic metres of water and the upper one 4.4 million cubic metres. They can start generating electricity at short notice and provide six hours of full-load generation.

SMARD shows electricity generating data for the Wehr power station under Wehr A (455 MW) and Wehr B (455 MW). Electricity started being generated again in mid-October 2021. Wehr B's non-available status ended on 16 November 2021 and Wehr A's on 17 November 2021.

The chart below shows the restarting of the Wehr plant:

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You can download the time series for power generation units with an installed capacity of at least 100 MW by going to Data download and use them as you wish.

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