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Closure of the last nuclear power plants


The last three nuclear power plants are due to go off the grid on 15 April. Their closure will be reflected in the data published on the SMARD website.

Three nuclear power plants were closed down at the end of 2021 as part of the programme to phase out nuclear power. The gradual reduction in generation up until the power plants went offline was visible in the data on the SMARD website.

The remaining three nuclear power plants, Emsland, Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim, were originally due to go off the grid at the end of 2022, but their closure was postponed until mid-April 2023.
The near real-time data for actual generation in Germany already show a decrease in nuclear generation since the beginning of February. The gradual reduction in generation up to the final closure of the power plants will be visible in the data charts.

Figures for generation by individual power plants are available on the Germany electricity market page. The figures are published five days after generation. You can use the filter options to select the above-mentioned power plants and view their core data and actual generation.

The data published on the SMARD website reflect the effects of the closures on the electricity market. You can see how much of the total electricity generated comes from which energy sources in the charts for actual generation. You can also see the wholesale electricity prices in Germany and figures for electricity trading with other countries. You can view all the data back to 2015 and so you can compare the most recent figures with previous figures.

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