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Did you know you can share content via the SMARD website?


Wherever you are on the SMARD website, there are various ways for you to share links to our charts, tables, articles or configurations for downloading data.

The More button on the right-hand side of each page on the SMARD website gives you various options. One of them is sharing links to content directly via Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn and – if you use the mobile version – WhatsApp. Just click one of the symbols and you will be taken to the platform where you can post the link together with a couple of words.
You can also share links via email: click the envelope symbol and a new email will automatically be created with a short link to the content.
The More button also lets you download charts and tables in different formats, for instance to send as attachments. And you can use the printer symbol to print out articles or save them as a PDF.
You can also use the More button to access the feedback form and send a message to the SMARD team.

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