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Have you heard about the SMARD feedback function?


You can use the function to ask us questions and give us your feedback, whether positive or negative.

You can send us your questions and feedback in just a few clicks wherever you are on the SMARD website: click on the "More" button on the right near the top and then on "Feedback" to send a message to the SMARD team – about anything that has caught your eye or you think may be missing or anything you would like to know more about. The advantage of the feedback function is that it automatically adds a link to the page you were on to your message. This means that anything you point out or ask about is directly linked to what you were looking at, for instance on a Market data visuals page. This makes it easier for our SMARD team to deal with your message.

The feedback form can be used for ideas, comments, suggestions for improvement, criticism and praise. We discuss and use your feedback when we are developing our platform – the RSS feed, for instance, was introduced following numerous requests from our users.
You are also welcome to send any questions or comments directly by email to our central address: smard@bnetza.de.

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