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Electricity market topics: new structure and groupings


New groupings make it easier to find data and explanations about what's been happening in the electricity market.

Since the SMARD website was launched in July 2017 we have been regularly publishing articles about developments in the electricity market – in particular about generation, consumption and trading – on our Electricity market topics pages. These articles explain the latest figures and developments in the electricity market and so are different from the articles published on the Electricity market explained pages, which explain what the terms we use on the SMARD website mean.

Up until the end of 2019 we published two separate articles – one about trading and one about generation – every two months. Since January 2020 we have been publishing one article covering both topics once a month on the Electricity market topics pages to help explain how the two are linked. We used to focus on publishing data on a monthly basis, but we have added to this by publishing our first yearly article for 2020 and our first half-yearly article this year.

The monthly articles contain comparable data for electricity generation, trading and consumption and make it possible to instantly compare the figures for, say, renewable and conventional generation with those from the previous month and the previous year.

The monthly articles also report about what's been happening in the electricity market – events and changes like new regulations, the effects of storms, and changes to how the market is organised. The monthly articles go into more detail than the SMARD ticker articles and explain how the data and what's been happening are related, while the SMARD ticker articles report about short-term events like an expected solar eclipse.
The most recent article on the Electricity market topics pages is linked to a picture on the start page.

New groupings and keywords

All the articles are now grouped into years. This makes it easier to look for articles about certain periods or about current developments in the electricity market.

There are also new keywords to help narrow down your search, just as on the Electricity market explained pages. Each year has its own list of keywords to help you find articles about certain topics.

The keywords are listed in the light blue line underneath the years, with the most popular first. You can select one or more keywords by clicking on each word and can remove a keyword from your selection by clicking on it again. You can also use the general search function on the SMARD website and look for other keywords. If you use the general search function, though, all the articles will be searched and not just the ones in an individual group.

You can also subscribe to the SMARD RSS feed to receive notification each time a new article is posted.

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