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Energy generated in month of August from wind reaches record level


More electricity was fed into the grid this August than in any other August on record.

In August 2021 wind power plants delivered a total of around 8.1 TWh of electricity into the grid. That corresponds to a share of 21% of total generation and 20.8% of the grid load. Of that total, 6.2 TWh were generated by onshore wind farms and 1.9 TWh were generated by offshore wind farms. The previous record for energy generated from wind in August (6.8 TWh) was registered in 2020.

The largest amount of energy generated from wind within one day (698.1 GWh) was recorded on Tuesday, 17 August in the course of the Storm "Luciano". To put that figure into perspective: the average daily feed-in from wind power plants in August was 259.9 GWh.

Wind power plants covered 52.1% of electricity consumption (the grid load) on 17 August. This was also reflected in the residual load, which totalled 493.9 GWh on that day. The residual load gives the share of electricity consumption that was not covered by wind and solar feed-in. A low residual load means that those two energy sources were able to cover a correspondingly high share of electricity consumption.
The overall high feed-in from renewables on 17 August resulted in lower wholesale prices. The average price for that day (€57.39/MWh) was lower than the average price for the month (€82.70/MWh).

The chart shows actual generation by renewable energy source, actual electricity consumption, the residual load and the German wholesale electricity price on 17 August 2021.

More key figures from August will soon be available in the upcoming monthly article!

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