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New: forecasted photovoltaic and wind generation in one


You can now view and download combined forecasted generation figures for photovoltaics and wind.

The total forecasted generation from photovoltaics and (onshore and offshore) wind for all regions is calculated automatically for the SMARD website. The forecasted generation for each quarter hour of the following day is reported by 6pm each day.

The new component in the Market data visuals section can be combined with other data categories such as the forecasted consumption. Important: the forecasted photovoltaic and wind generation is a component of the "Forecasted generation" data category on the SMARD website and is one of two initial default settings.

The data for periods of up to two years can be exported using standard file formats in the Data download section by selecting "Electricity generation" as the main category and "Forecasted generation" as the data category, with "Photovoltaics and wind" as a new component.

New chart on the home page

The chart on the SMARD home page has also been changed. The "Electricity generation and consumption in Germany" chart now shows not only the new combined forecasted photovoltaic and wind generation but also the forecasted consumption. This makes it easy to see the combined expected contribution from photovoltaics and wind.

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