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Technical problems with reporting trading data


A transmission system operator is currently experiencing a technical problem that is resulting in implausible data for trading with Belgium. The data are therefore not being published on the SMARD website for the time being.

A transmission system operator is experiencing a technical problem with the data automatically reported for commercial foreign trade. This is resulting in implausibly high figures for trading with Belgium and is also affecting the figures for net exports. The party reporting the data has been contacted and is working on a solution, but the problem is still ongoing.

The data for trading with Belgium and the net exports automatically calculated have been removed from the charts and export files for the time being to avoid implausible figures being published. The data for trading with the other countries are still accessible.

As soon as the problem is solved and plausible figures are being reported again, the data will be made available on the SMARD website.
A notice about the problem has also been published on the ENTSO-E website: https://transparency.entsoe.eu/news/widget.

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