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The electricity market over Easter


Renewable energy sources provided about 55.5% of electricity consumed from Good Friday to Easter Monday. The average wholesale price was €142.81/MWh.

A total of 2,329 GWh of electricity from renewables was fed into the system from Good Friday up to and including Easter Monday. The largest share came from photovoltaic installations, with 969.3 GWh, followed by 810 GWh of wind onshore and offshore power.
Renewable generation was able to cover about 55.5% of electricity consumption (grid load) over this time.

Supply and demand determine the price on the electricity market. When a large amount of electricity can be generated at a low price through a high share of feed-in from renewables and made available on the market, this results in a lower wholesale electricity price.
This effect is clearly visible in the electricity market data of recent days. In time periods when an especially high share of electricity consumption could be covered by renewables, the German wholesale electricity price was correspondingly low.

The lowest price of €0.00/MWh was recorded between 2pm and 3pm on Easter Sunday. During this hour, generation from renewables covered about 99% of electricity consumption (grid load). The residual load, which is the share of electricity consumption that is not covered by wind or photovoltaic generation, was thus also low at 6.1 GWh.

The highest price was €250.73/MWh and was recorded between 8pm and 9pm on Easter Monday. This price occurred at a time when electricity consumption was high at 45.9 GWh and the proportion of renewables was low at 11.1 GWh. The residual load was 40.4 GWh.

The average wholesale electricity price in Germany was €142.81 from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

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