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Today's partial eclipse of the Sun visible in forecasts


There will be a partial solar eclipse today. Forecast data show how great the effect on the generation of electricity by solar photovoltaic (PV) installations could be.

A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and blocks out part of the view of the Sun from the Earth. This is expected to be visible in Germany, if skies are clear, between 11.06am and 1.22pm Central European Summer Time (DLR). It is expected that 35% of the sun will be covered on the island of Rügen at around 12.13pm and 32.2% in Berlin at about 12.14pm.

The forecast data for today show how the PV generation could change in the course of the eclipse. Starting at 11.15am, there will be a drop in the generation curve that will last until about noon. It will go back up until 1.15pm and then start to fall again, as solar power generally does.
The chart below will show in near real time whether the actual PV generation corresponds to these forecasts.

A partial solar eclipse also occurred on 10 June last year. Coverage of about 20% was expected for northern Germany and 5% for southern Germany. The reduction in generation occurred largely as forecast. In percentage terms, though, the coverage then was less than in this year's eclipse. The second chart above shows the figures that were predicted in advance against those that were actually recorded.

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