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Storms over Germany: high wind output expected

Storm Hendrik has been making its way over Germany since Tuesday (19 October 2021), bringing with it an increase in wind output.

Yesterday onshore and offshore wind generation totalled 907.2 gigawatts per hour (GWh) and covered 60.2% of the grid load.
Following the arrival of Storm Ignatz last night, wind power is set to be even higher today, Thursday, at 975.8 GWh, covering 63.3% of the expected grid load. According to forecasts, wind generation will be at its highest today between 9am and 10am, totalling 46.7 GWh and covering 66.4% of electricity consumption.
Further forecasts anticipate similarly high figures for Friday.

The high output from renewables also has an effect on wholesale prices. The average price for today on the German day-ahead market was 61.50 euros per megawatt hour (€/MWh). Prices ranged between €18.80/MWh and €118.21/MWh.
Supply and demand determine the price on the electricity market. The more low-priced electricity from renewable sources is available, the less electricity from conventional sources is needed.

The forecast residual load is usually an indication of whether prices will be low.
On the SMARD website, the forecast residual load means the share of electricity consumption that is not expected to be covered by wind or solar PV generation. If the residual load is low, a high share of the grid load is covered by wind and solar PV generation, and vice versa.

The residual load is expected to be at its lowest today between 2pm and 3pm at 10.9 GWh, when wind and solar PV generation is forecast to be 59.1 GWh and electricity consumption around 70 GWh. The day-ahead wholesale price for between 2pm and 3pm is €18.90/MWh.

There were similar developments in March, because of several storms, and in May, because of Storm Eugen, and in some cases negative prices as well.

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